white castles new garlic chicken breast sandwich

I went in wanting a burger and a fish sandwich, but the marketing materials took hold and I had to go for the new garlic chicken breast sandwich combo despite is high-for-white-castle price ($5.something) I kind of hoped that it was grilled chicken, which would be totally awesome in that size, but it wasn’t… typical breaded stuff with garlic flavour, although the portion was a lot larger than the standard chicken breast sandwich.. at least thats what i thought.

Upon opening the bag, I thought they not only forgot to put the cheese on, but also added mayo without my knowledge. I wasn’t really happy about this, but took a bite… ahh, not mayo… mozzarella. It all began to make sense.

The chicken itself was a little on the tough side, and the flavor was unimpressive, but not offending.
It appears that the largest shortcoming of these palm size poulty sandwhiches comes hours after you eat them… I can’t stop belching awful garlic burps.

I’ll give the white castle garlic chicken breast sandwich 5 stars out of 10. definitely worth a try, but I don’t think I’ll get it again.

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