Burger King Cheesey Tater tots

These things inspired me to blog again.. Not because they are good, but because they are a total waste of money.

I got these because a local brew pub here in my town has something similar, and I love em. The BK version is far inferior. Since I didn’t get to include a photo this time, Let me explain what these are.. They are a kind of disk shaped potato thing, about the size of two of BKs breakfast hashbrowns stacked atop one and other. There is some manner of breading on the outside, and the inside has coarsely diced potatoes and cheese.. Of course they are deep fried.

Here’s the big problem with these guys – heat. The weird breading on the outside keeps all the heat in, ensuring that you burn your mouth even if you eat every other part of your meal first in hopes that they will cool off. i even bit a corner off each one to help them cool and it still wasn’t enough. The second problem was grease. don’t get me wrong, I understand how deep fryin’ works.. but when they hand you something that just soaks the cardboard box it’s contained in, it’s not terribly appetizing.

anyway, I say avoid. If you must experiment, get the small.

Cheesey Tater Tots – 1/10 Stars