The arrival of Sonic – Re: Breakfast Burrito

A Sonic drive in has recently landed in my neck of the woods. I love sonic. I used to drive 2 hours to go to the closest one. So, I was in a rush to visit the local Sonic as soon as it opened.
On my second trip I thought I’d stray from my normal fare of double cheeseburger and cheesy tots, and tried the breakfast burrito. I got mine with bacon because often times, fast food sausage grosses me out. (I will sample sonics in the future and report back)

This is a simple menu item, so my description wont be super in depth, but I think for products like this, it’s worth telling you what you really get, as opposed to the dressed up menu photo.
There were two big differences from the picture:
1. the burrito innards were not all scrambled up in the eggs. the eggs were in the form of rectangular sheets, as fast food eggs often are, and the cheese and bacon were just on top of the egg.
2. it was about half the size that I perceived from the photo.

That said, it was a tasty burrito. I fear most breakfast offerings of the sort (I can’t take more than one bite of a McD’s burrito), but this was pretty good. i got the combo with tots, and I’d say it was a “right size” meal for me. The price wasn’t an awesome deal, but it was acceptable.

A “Super Sonic” breakfast burrito is also offered, which appears to have potatoes, onions and peppers.

Sonic Breakfast Burrito – 7/10 stars

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