iPhone death.

Well, my iPhone bit it yesterday. It was a somewhat common problem of the headphone jack thinking that headphones were plugged in, even when they weren’t. this made it unpossible to make/receive calls. The frequent cause is lint stuck behind a contact in a jack. [ see this link for a dissection of the jack ] Not a terribly huge deal, with common prescriptions being to plug and unplug your headphones 10 times, spray with canned air, and even cutting the end off a q-tip and inserting the stick part into the jack and twisting. None of these worked for me, so I had to make a trip to Indy to get a replacement at the Apple store. Thank goodness I still had 15 days of warranty left.

I couldn’t really ask for anything more from Apple. I’m surprised that they will replace a whole phone over such a simple problem. (and less.. I saw a system abuser while I was there getting his 3rd iPhone 3G replacement, apparently because he wanted a different color)

The bummer of it all was getting my data back into the new phone. The lesson of the day, and this is probably obvious to some, but I didn’t get it, is that iPhones don’t store any contact information on the SIM card. On the upside, sync-ing at least got me my apps and associated data back. ..and once I installed my enterprise profile, my email accounts and some of my contacts came back. the remaining 26 contacts showed up in the morning after I had left it plugged in all night. I am still unsure why they didn’t sync immediately with the rest, but I wont complain. I’m really surprised that the app data restored. I didn’t expect it to.

I’d also like to take a moment to simultaneously recommend the Apple support forums and thank Allan Sampson there for helping me with all my questions in a extremely fast manner.

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