The general use of Twitter has always been kind of nebulous, and sometimes even confusing. It certainly is a weird phenomenon. I personally use it as a mini-blog and a web link manager, but I’ve added a new function to it lately. It seems more applications, whether mobile or not, offer integration with twitter and/or facebook. I’m personally using such features with and Yelp tweets to my account with a web link whenever I post a new review, and Map My Ride tweets whenever I submit a ride. The information that each of these apps is posting is pretty trivial, but I’ve been ruminating over whether these things are more or less relevant than my usual status updates like “i’m hungry”, “studying”, “going to see a movie”, etc. Also, posting such information also kind of changes the functional idea of twitter for me. With this integration, it seems to me more like a stream of whats actually going on in my life.

Either way, it’s an interesting concept, and I’m anxious to see what other apps add Twitter integration in the near future.

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