So I’ve been doing the P90X fitness routine for the past 2 weeks. The desire to do so came mostly from wanting to improve at cycling, where I was feeling like I’d plateaued a bit. Weight loss, cardio improvement and strengthened joints all sound like good things. I was also encouraged to try it out since a friend was starting his second time through and really happy with his experience. I had intended to make a lengthy post giving my reflections on the process so far.. then I decided that I didn’t feel like writing that much.

In a nutshell – it’s pretty rough. I should have spent some time going through the workouts before I “started” the 90 day program. There are a lot of exercises that my body doesn’t like much, but I’m working through it. The nutrition guide was initially difficult and is becoming so again. I needed Belinda to translate the food portion plan for me so I could wrap my head around it. It’s really not too bad.. BUT, being a foodie and a comfort eater, I’m starting to have some serious cravings. It’s not as bad on days that I can stick to my routine and eat/snack at my regular times. It’s not always so easy though. I think I’ve gotten in the habit of having one big meal, and filling in the rest of the days nutrition around that.. which also drives the cravings. Additionally, I seem to be spending WAY more on food now than when I ate fast food most meals. Protein bars and recovery drink are some major $$.
I am sticking with it though. I’ve lost some pounds and 1 or 2 percent body fat so far. I think once I finish the first 30 days I’ll be feeling better about it since I’ll get to add more carbs and protein to my diet AND I can start riding my bike again. The absence of riding has brought back the “restless-leg” pains at night that I used to get.