P90X – starting week 5

This will be a short post because there’s not a lot new.. The main subject I wanted to bring up is that I think I haven’t been eating enough. I went with the “Phase I” nutrition plan. It was a little under my calculated caloric intake, but I wanted to be in deficit to help lose weight. Prior to week 4, I’d lost around 7 pounds.

Fast forward to Monday, week 5: I am intending to do doubles, riding my bike as the extra cardio. Between the Monday workout and my ride, I feel ridiculously weak. Two things _have_ improved though – I’m definitely getting through the ab ripper workout better than the beginning of the program, and I’m definitely more flexible.
That said, the second month of P90X specifies a diet with more carbs, AND I’m going to go ahead and bump up to the “Phase II” nutrition level. (6 protein units and 3 carb units compared to 5 protein and 1 carb from month 1 phase I) I hope this is enough. my cardio seems to be burning between 400-600 calories a day.. I may tweak it a bit. I also plan to not follow the nutrition guide as religiously as I had been. Still keeping away from fried stuff and excess starches though.
We’ll see how it goes…