urban planning – using defunct infrastructure

This is an interesting kickstarter project I saw on a friend’s twitter this morning. I think I’ve always had an interest in the defunct spaces in large cities. The pneumatic tube systems beneath New York were always particularly intriguing.  I even remember hearing about a tunnel connecting the court house and police station in the small town I grew up in.

Experiments in pneumatic tube systems in New York

Experiments in pneumatic tube systems in New York

So anyway, back to this kickstarter project.. A couple of architects have come up with a plan to use a defunct, underground trolley terminal on the lower east side to create a new park / green space. It looks very cool, and very doable. The money raised by the kickstarter project will go towards the creation of a scale mock up used as a proof of concept. I hope it happens. It seems like a really great way to take advantage of a space that’s been doing nothing since 1948.

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