Midwestern guy wading through studies of technology, communication, anthropology and design in attempts to find his place in society.

This site is an attempt to curate ideas and concepts that have occupied my mind. The format is simple on purpose – it’s a scratch pad for thoughts, not a piece of art.

Topics here often include design of all kinds, bicycles/cycling, food, culture, music and processes.

If you find any of this interesting, please feel free to reach out – leave a comment or send me email.

2 thoughts on “About

    • Sorry, don’t have the files around anymore. I’ve not used rhino on over 5 years.. even before I stopped, the patchers changed enough with new versions such that my old stuff didn’t work anymore. At the bottom of that page there is an image of the patcher that I made, so you can see the process and build something for yourself in the current version by mimicing it.

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