My online garage sale

Garage sale is closed

I moved to California from Indiana in the fall of 2014, and as such, basically gave away everything I owned. I’m sure I will eventually amass more junk, so maybe the online garage sale will return.

13 thoughts on “My online garage sale

  1. OK I’ve looked all over your site for your email but I don’t see it. I would love to buy that LCD inverter. Been looking for one for ages. If you get my email when I leave a comment then hit me up there or reply to this and I’m ticking the notify box. Just tell me where to send the money order.

  2. Aww man that’s such a shame but i understand.
    Been after another one of these for years!
    Thanks for your time mate and good luck with your sale

  3. Hey man I live in the in the uk. I messaged you last year about the vester guitar, I will buy the vester off you no problem if you can put it in a case and post to the U.K. name your price!!
    Look forward to hearing from you again


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