An update on’s awful shipping.

In my last entry I wrote about the terrible packing and consequent broken item from my order. Just thought I’d post a little update..

I called Macy’s customer service number after getting the broken goods, and explained that the packing was insufficient and the product broke. The service person was extremely nice and said that they would send me out a replacement item. I asked if she could put a note on the order to add extra packing material, and she said she did.

A week later, a new package shows up on my porch. This time its in a _plastic bag_. I open the bag to find the same, really thin, single sheet of bubble wrap that didn’t keep things from breaking the first time in the cardboard box. This time the ceramic dish that the soaps came in was broken in several pieces and again, there was soap all over everything. The shipping slip said “premium shipping” or somesuch.

I again called customer service and talked to another really nice lady who asked if I wanted another replacement. I declined but said I just wanted to get the complaint in.

Moral of the story, don’t order anything fragile from I commend their customer service department for being awesome, but shipping needs a lot of help.

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